About Us

Exuma Productions is a film production company in the Exumas, a much sought-after archipelago in the Bahamas. Founded by industry veterans, our film services include diverse location scouting, visual curation, luxury stays, reliable catering crews, and more. We provide modern film production services to fashion photographers, commercial productions, and music video projects. Our dedicated location scouting and film crew work with you every step of the way to bring your film visions to life.

Hi, I'm Rachell Vallori

After working as a model in the fashion industry for over 15 years, I decided that I wanted to step behind the camera and help brands, artists, and directors curate their projects. After visiting the Exumas, I knew immediately that there was endless potential for the film and media industry here. Today, I partnered with local talent and skilled industry professionals to provide you with an all-inclusive film production service, from the location and film crew all the way down to delicious catering options. With Exuma Productions, I hope to continue creating beautiful visuals behind the scenes while showing you everything that these beautiful islands have to offer.

We look forward to making your film dreams come true!